Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Indications of prices to complete a job are estimates only and are provided by Staff Health & Care Ltd to the Customer based on the information supplied by the Customer regarding the services requested. The estimate is based on historical times to perform like services and on best practice and industry standards, however times may vary due to circumstances and the patients themselves. The estimates are dependant upon the facilities and on-site resources described below being available. Any deviation to the requested services may result in a variation in billing and minimum fees will apply.
  • Where the service is provided at the Customer’s premises, a suitable room/location should be provided to perform the health assessment. The room needs to be private, clean, and quiet to perform the assessment adequately and in within the time estimated. When this is not an option on the Customer’s premises, an alternate location for health monitoring should be considered.  Note : StaffCare does have a mobile clinic that can be booked in these situations. 
  • When the Customer requires health monitoring in a rural location such as a forestry block, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that StaffCare staff have access to toilet facilities, and a suitable place to work that is quiet, clean, and safe.
  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to manage the throughput/availability of their employees and the minimise gaps between consultations.   Where there are prolonged gaps between persons attending their consultation, this will increase the time incurred.
  • It is the Customer's responsibility keep StaffCare staff safe. There should be a company employee allocated as responsible and available/nearby at all times should their assistance be required.
  • It is the Customer’s responsibility (when vaccination or blood collection) to ensure that they provide a first aider with up to date CPR knowledge to assist StaffCare staff when they are onsite as vaccinators or having laboratory testing completed. Failure to provide support on the scheduled day will result in a cancellation and/or additional associated costs.
  • The health of our nurses is a priority. Scheduling is flexible however while onsite the Customer should be aware that pursuant to employment law the nurse is entitled breaks and regular work hours. Any changes in the schedule on the day of health monitoring should be agreed upon by the nurse.
  • It will take an additional 15 minutes per person for any employee that does not complete the online consent forms & work related questionnaires prior to seeing the nurse.  This time will be in addition to the estimated required consultation time.
  • Emails will be sent to each employee to complete before health monitoring is scheduled, they will also receive a reminder. The Customer should remind employees that the forms/questionnaires must be completed prior to their allocated appointment time.
  • If a personal email address is not available, StaffCare can supply the company a code for each person so you can arrange for the forms to be completed prior to the appointment time.
  • When a Customer’s employee has a scheduled appointment at our Whangarei Clinic, it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure their potential and current staff are aware of their appointment time and are ready at the consultation location 15 minutes prior to the appointment time if they have not completed the online forms. Delays in employees arriving at the appointment on time may result in an incomplete medical and rescheduling.  Additional charges may be incurred.
  • In engaging StaffCare to provide staff and resources, the customer agrees that they will not solicit or employ any StaffCare employee or contractor to work for them directly or indirectly for the provision of Occupational Health services for a period of at least 24 months after the last time services were provided.   The Customer agrees to indemnify Staff Health & Care Ltd for any and all losses incurred should this situation occur.

Cancellation fees applicable to on-site work are as follows (with calculations excluding Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays):

  • More than 10 days notice attracts no fee.
  • Less than 10 days and more than 5 days notice attracts a half fee.
  • Less 1 day attracts a full fee. Cancellation on the day when the nurse has already onsite attracts a full fee including mileage
  • Where a nurse’s time has been booked for a full day (or part there of) and only a part day was utilised, minimum time charges will be applicable. 

Financial Terms & Conditions: in accepting this estimate you agree:

  • To pay invoices before the 20th of the Month following the date of any invoice
  • StaffCare shall be entitled to recover from the customer all legal and other costs arising from collection of any overdue moneys
  • Interest is chargeable on overdue balances at the rate of 2 per cent for the whole or part of each month during which such accounts are unpaid. The rate of interest may be varied from time to time by StaffCare.