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Standard medical assessment as required by NZTA for renewing driver licenses

Driver Licensing Medical Testing for business' in Whangarei and Northland

Standard medical assessment as required by NZTA for renewing driver licenses

StaffCare can help you complete the standard medical assessment which is required by NZTA when you apply for, or renew a licence ie. DL9.

You need to ensure you won't cause an accident through a health-related incident when you're responsible for the lives of passengers or driving large vehicles on public roads. It's important to recognise you're also on the road for longer than the average Kiwi driver so your health must meet certain standards to ensure you can drive safely. If you have or need a heavy vehicle licence (classes 2, 3, 4 or 5), or a P, V, I or O endorsement, this applies to you.

Most commercial drivers must provide a medical certificate

To show that you're in good health you must:

• provide an original medical certificate (not older than 60 days) that has been completed by a New Zealand-registered health practitioner, or

• have previously provided a medical certificate for a P, V, I or O endorsement, or a truck licence, within the last five years.

However, if you've developed a medical condition that could affect your driving, or have a medical condition that has worsened since presenting your last certificate, you'll need to provide a new medical certificate regardless.