We have good news for Northland – our economy is on the up!

This month has seen an increase in pre-employment medical assessments across a number of industry groups. With companies starting to employ again it is timely to explain why a pre-employment medical assessment should be as much a part of the recruitment process as interviewing and doing reference checks. As we all know – what we see is not always what we get.

It is important to establish if the person you are employing is fit to complete all the tasks of the job or if they have some restriction which will need to be taken into account. Our standard pre-employment medical includes drug testing, hearing, vision, lung function, medical history and range of movement. On completion of the assessment a report is provided giving a recommendation regarding their suitability for the proposed job. Some jobs will not require all the testing components and this would be discussed at the time of booking. It is however very important that this process is undertaken PRIOR to commencement of employment.