“Stub it out for good”

StaffCare are providing an innovative new workplace quit smoking programme called “stub it out for good”.

A central part of the programme’s success is the use of in-house “champions” who promote and run the programme in their workplace during work hours.  These are usually people who have already quit, understand how hard it is, what sort of support others need and are motivated help make the improvements to someone else’s life that they have made in their own.

StaffCare provide an orientation programme for the champions, along with a training manual that provides templates for the entire programme including in-house promotion, brochures, fliers, agendas for support meetings right through to a KPI assessment for the company to use after 3 months to gauge the effectiveness of the programme.

“Welcome Packs” are provided to all staff who participate in the programme that includes all the information and materials they need to help make their goal to quit smoking a reality.

“Stub it out for good” is one of a number of wellness programmes StaffCare can provide for the benefit of your staff.  Contact Mary today to discuss your needs and we’ll send you a detailed proposal of how to “stub it out for good”.

Pictured below are StaffCare Director Mary Cook and the programme “champions” for Transfield Services Ltd who are running the “Stub it out for good” programme at nine of their sites in the upper North Island at a recent training session in Auckland.