The following provides links to sites and resources relevant to occupational health and safety, compliance, implementation and governance.




Worksafe has a quick reference guide that summarises the key components of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015


Employment NZ provides a brief introduction to health and safety in the workplace



SiteSafe New Zealand Inc, an independent not for profit organisation, has produced A Practical Guide for Small Business Owners to implement the Act at their workplace. This uses checklists and tables to provide information on the most important requirements, along with information on what businesses can do to ensure they comply.


Institute of Directors

The Institute of Directors has produced a Health and Safety Guide: Good Governance for Directors. This is 42 pages and provides detailed commentary, analysis, guidance and checklists for all matters around workplace health and safety legislation from the point of view of a director


Health and Safety at Work Act 2015


National Occupation Health Advisory Committee


Social Security (Work Test Obligations—Drug Testing Obligations) Regulations 2013