Healthy beverages in our workplace-What we can do to improve the health and wellbeing of staff.

Sugary drinks are a main source of sugar for New Zealand adults, and contribute to weight gain and health problems.

Sugar is present in many drinks…….

  • energy drinks
  • fruit juices and cordials
  • soft (fizzy) drinks
  • sports drinks
  • flavoured milk

Encouraging staff to choose no and low-sugar drinks is an easy way to improve the health of our staff.

Water is the best choice.

Other options are:

  • tea or coffee
  • unflavoured milk
  • diet or zero sugar drinks.

Did you know? If you drink a 600ml bottle of soft drink every day you will drink 480 teaspoons of sugar a month, which equals 2kg of sugar.

Did you know? You could save $60 a month if you switch your daily can of soft drink for tap water.

Did you know? A 350ml bottle of fruit juice contains as much sugar as 25 jelly beans.

Did you know? If you drink a 350ml bottle of energy drink every day, it is the same as eating an extra 45 slices of white bread every month.

How to make the change in your workplace?

  • Identify key staff to be champions.
  • Do a stock take of what drinks are supplied in the workplace.
  • Establish a policy.
  • Raise awareness with staff.
  • Make the changes.
  • Sustain the changes and celebrate success.

Practical Ideas.

  • Make water and glasses or cups more accessible to our staff.
  • Reduce size and range of sugary drinks available in the workplace (cafeteria or vending machines). Replace them with sugar-free and low sugar drinks.
  • Remove advertising of sugary drinks.
  • Provide water and other sugar-free drinks at staff meetings and functions.