Time to start thinking about Flu vaccinations

It is difficult to get your head around the idea that the flu season is fast approaching when we are experiencing this wonderful Northland summer but being proactive with influenza immunisation is our best and most effective defence. The flu vaccination is one of the most effective ways a business can help protect itself from the costs of winter staff illness and the vaccines will be available later in February. Studies show that the impact of the influenza hitting a workforce has real and significant costs including:

  • Interrupted customer service
  • Lost sales
  • Missed deadlines
  • Temporary staff hire costs
  • Reduced work output when staff stay at work sick.

Were you aware that:

  • The effectiveness of the flu vaccination is well established, with up to 90% protection from the illness.
  • Being fit and healthy does not stop you from catching the flu- it is easily spread and anyone can catch it.
  • 20% of people catch the flu each year, and a number of those still turn up for work.
  • A person who goes to work with the flu or any other communicable disease is a hazard in the workplace under the NZ Health and Safety Act (1992).
  • The flu virus changes each year so annual immunisation is required.
  • A recent study has linked the flu to death from heart attacks.

At StaffCare our service is professional and comprehensive. All of our Vaccinators are our own Registered Nurses who have undergone further training to become Ministry of Health Authorised Vaccinators.

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