StaffCare provide professional health and safety services across a wide range of areas. We are able to provide these services either onsite at your workplace, or in our modern, central offices. At StaffCare optimal results count – our equipment is of the highest quality; expertly maintained and routinely calibrated to meet the industry standard. We employ a large team of fully qualified, highly experienced health professionals and pride ourselves on our service.

Personnel Testing

  • Drug and alcohol testing-Pre-employment, Random, Post-Incident
  • Pre-employment medical screening-Includes Baseline Hearing test, Spirometry, Vision, Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular assessments.
  • Annual health checks-Designed to monitor the health of employees specific to the hazards in your workplace.
  • Exit medicals-Hearing, Spirometry and Musculoskeletal assessment.

Office Workstation Assessments

A StaffCare Workplace Assessment covers an initial self-assessment questionnaire that highlights any current discomfort or pain.  This is followed by a 1 on 1 review and after each assessment is completed you will receive a comprehensive written report.

Workplace Education

  • Health and wellness promotions
  • Quit smoking support
  • Workplace hazard identification

Other Services

  • Workplace specific vaccinations
  • Workplace specific blood and urine collection
  • Qualitative Fit-testing
  • Injury management for clients
  • Second opinion medicals

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